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    • Interexaminer reliability and validity of quantity of cervical mobility during online dynamic inspection 

      Leonet-Tijero, Leire; Corral-de-Toro, Jaime; Rodríguez-Sanz, Jacobo; Hernández-Secorún, Mar; Abenia Benedí, Hugo; Lucha López, María Orosia; Monti-Ballano, Sofía; Müller-Thyssen-Uriarte, Julián; Tricás-Vidal, Héctor; Hidalgo García, Cesar; Tricas Moreno, José Miguel (Diagnostics, 2022)
      Background: Physical therapists routinely measure range of motion (ROM) of cervical spine. The reliability of the cervical range of motion (CROM) device has been demonstrated in several studies, but ...