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dc.contributor.authorBernardo, Merce
dc.contributor.authorMarimon, Frederic
dc.contributor.authorALONSO ALMEIDA, MARIA DEL MAR
dc.identifier.citationBernardo, Mercè; Marimon Viadiu, Frederic; Alonso-Almeida, María del Mar. «Functional quality and hedonic quality: a study of the dimensions of e-service quality in online travel agencies». Information and Management, 2012, vol. 49, núm. 7-8, p. 342-347. Disponible en: <>. Fecha de acceso: 05 jul. 2019.
dc.description.abstractWe attempted to clarify the dimensions of e-service quality and their role in producing perceived value and loyalty among customers of e-commerce websites. We particularly examined whether e-quality consisted of two groups of dimensions: (i) functional; or (ii) hedonic quality. Based on a survey of 1201 online customers of Spanish travel agencies, we \ used structural equation modelling to show that both tpes of quality are distinct dimensions of e-quality and that both have positive and significant influence on perceived value. In addition, perceived value was shown to have a significant impact on loyalty, thus validating the chain from service quality-to-perceived value-to-loyalty in the context of e-commerce. The implication for e-service managers is that they must be aware of the importance of hedonic quality in seeking to attract and retain
dc.publisherElsevier Ltdca
dc.relation.ispartofInformation and Managementca
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International*
dc.subject.otherControl de calidadca
dc.subject.otherControl de qualitatca
dc.subject.otherQuality controlca
dc.subject.otherFidelización del clienteca
dc.subject.otherFidelitat a una marcaca
dc.subject.otherCustomer loyaltyca
dc.subject.otherAgències de viatgesca
dc.subject.otherTravel agentsca
dc.subject.otherAgencias de viajesca
dc.titleFunctional quality and hedonic quality: a study of the dimensions of e-service quality in online travel agenciesca
dc.embargo.terms36 mesosca

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