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    • Lexical coverage evaluation of large-scale multilingual semantic lexicons for twelve languages 

      Songlin Piao, Scott; Rayson, Paul Edward; Archer, Dawn; Bianchi, Francesca; Dayrell, Carmen; El-Haj, Mahmoud; Jiménez-Yáñez, Ricardo-María; Knight, Dawn; Křen, Michal; Lofberg, Laura; Adeel Nawab, Rao Muhammad; Shafi, Jawad; Lee Teh, Phoey; Mudraya, Olga (LREC 2016, Tenth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, 2016)
      The last two decades have seen the development of various semantic lexical resources such as WordNet (Miller, 1995) and the USAS semantic lexicon (Rayson et al., 2004), which have played an important ...